Volunteer at Fuse and join the fun!

Volunteering at Fuse is an ideal way to make new friends, learn new skills and be involved with like minded people and feel valued and respected while participating in fun, varied and interesting roles. Be part of a diverse and enthusiastic team at Lichfield Arts and help us to make our events such as Fuse even better, and contribute to our success and future sustainability.

Lichfield Arts has around 200 registered volunteers, many of whom have been involved with the organisation for many years. Through their efforts our volunteers are building stronger communities, supporting the local economy and enabling others to unlock their potential. However volunteering has many advantages and benefits to the individual, regardless of age or experience.

Why volunteer at Fuse? As with all Lichfield Arts events, it enables and encourages people to play an active role in their society and contribute to positive social change. Our volunteers are helping to support live music and the arts as well as learning the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of running major events like Fuse.

Volunteering helps to break down social barriers, encourages cohesion and offers people an opportunity to socialise with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Being involved in Fuse and our other events enables our volunteers to keep physically and mentally active and offers a great way to improve their social life. Best of all it is fun so get involved!

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below, which gives further details as to what is involved and how Fuse volunteering works :


FUSE Volunteering FAQs – All you need to know

Join the Fuse volunteering family, bring back the magic and get ready to make Fuse 2022 the best festival ever!

If you haven’t already helped out as a volunteer, this is the year to get involved. Come and join us at Beacon Park for 3 days of music, performance and activities for all ages.

What’s involved in being a volunteer at Fuse?

It’s about making sure that everyone has a great time in a safe environment. The key volunteering roles at the event include stewarding the performance spaces, meeting and greeting festival-goers, providing information to the public and performers, supervising entry/exit points, and collecting donations. You’ll act as the first point of contact for festival-goers and will have plenty of support from experienced volunteers, festival managers and contract security staff. We also need volunteers to work behind the bar and help with site set-up and take-down. Whatever skills you have we can use them, and help you develop them further.

How much time do I have to give as a volunteer?

As much or as little as you want. Each shift will last 2 hours and we hope you’ll be able to give us this time as a minimum. You might want to cover several shifts, working on different volunteer roles, or join us for one shift and then become a festival-goer. Any time you give to volunteering will be appreciated.

Are there any restrictions on the kind of people who can volunteer?

You need to be at least 16. That’s it. We are keen to encourage volunteers from all ages and backgrounds. Fuse aims to be fully inclusive in welcoming all volunteers and festival-goers, including ‘character’ volunteers who love to create a festival party atmosphere!

How can volunteering at the festival help me develop my skills and career prospects?

You’ll have a chance to get experience and develop skills in customer service, working in teams, and event support – or bar-work if you are over 18. You can also help out with our market research and fundraising. These skills and experiences you can add to your CV and talk about when you meet potential employers. If you are interested in a career in event management, it’s a perfect opportunity to get the experience you will need to show in your applications for courses or jobs.

How will I know what to do?

We are running two volunteer briefings, at 7.30pm on Tuesday 28 June and Wednesday 6 July (venues to be arranged). You only need to join one of them, where we will tell you more about what to expect and, if you haven’t already, give you a chance to sign up for the times you are available to help.

Can I volunteer to work alongside someone I know?

Definitely. Working with a friend or family member as a volunteer works well and adds to the fun. You’ll also have a chance to meet other volunteers of all backgrounds and ages, learning and sharing experiences – and making new friends.

I’m interested. What do I do next?

Read more about the roles at via the button below, put the festival dates 8-10 July in your diary, and email fusevolunteering@lichfieldarts.org.uk to find out more. You’ll be invited to sign up for volunteer times and roles which you can change later on if you need. Welcome to the Fuse volunteering family!

Feedback from Fuse festival-goers consistently shows that it is our volunteers who make the festival an outstanding experience. Being a Fuse volunteer steward is a role that you will be valued for. Come and join us this Summer!

Iwan Griffiths

Fuse Volunteer Co-ordinator

We have many roles to be fullfilled over the Fuse weekend. These include: site set-up, serving behind the bar, meet and greet, donation collectors, marquee stewarding, feedback collection, general stewarding and site take-down.  We also need people to help us in the run-up to Fuse with leaflet distribution, signage erection and other promo activities.

You can download a summary of the various roles here:

To join our fantastic team of volunteers, or to find out more information about the opportunities we have to offer, please contact us – we w ill be delighted to hear from you! You can use the link below or email our Fuse Volunteer Coordinator Iwan Griffiths directly via: fusevolunteering@lichfieldarts.org.uk