Fuse Evolution Stage

SATURDAY 8th July 2017
(Times are approximate and may be subject to change)

The Tuts

The Tuts have long been one of the best and brightest new bands in the UK, for what they do and what they represent.

This all-female, all-feminist, DIY “3-Tone” trio (of proud Caribbean, English and Indian/Pakistani origin) are avatars in the ongoing debate over inclusivity in the music scene, as well as a powerful musical unit by any standards.

The Tuts have conclusively confirmed that a band can still survive and thrive on today’s terms with the right combination of graft and tenacity, building a fan base so strong that they hit their album crowd-funding target on Pledge Music within 5 days of the launch.

They met as teenagers and learned the fierce working-class work ethic that has them literally doing-it-themselves, with no manager, plugger or booking agent. The Tuts’ ambition is to write the greatest, catchiest songs they can within the parameters of a stripped-down sound, resulting in a series of pop punk nuggets on their debut album, Update Your Brain.

The Tuts