Project Description

The intricacies of how Pearl Handled Revolver came together are long and convoluted and opinion on who/what should be blamed for this chain of events is divided. Gravity, the stars aligning, a shared love of heavy rock, blues and psychedelia from the last four decades, and the fact that they’re all very naughty boys (there’s a clue there) have all been cited.

Our long, strange and at times bewildering trip, has been punctuated by (in no particular order). Four self produced, critically acclaimed EPs. Some kind words from Jon ‘Deep Purple’ Lord (Rest In Peace sir). Gigs with the likes of Wilko Johnson, The Blockheads, The Quireboys and The Black Crowes. The attention of Dick Wooley of King Mojo Records. And debut album ‘Colossus’ rearing its head and giving the wider world a taste of where we’d been and where we wanted to go. If you want to rifle further through our drawers then go and have a look in ‘The Psychedelic Attic’… be warned though… there be monsters.