Fuse Evolution Stage

FRIDAY 7th July 2017
(Times are approximate and may be subject to change)

People’s Republic Of Mercia

What’s happened to Rhythm ‘n’ Blues? It’s been stripped down, souled out, polished clean and hung out to dry for the X Factor diva brigade.

It wasn’t always like that though pilgrims. It used to be that Rhythm ‘n’ Blues was a blistering Mick Green guitar solo, a manic Wilko walk or an angry Bill Carter rant. And that’s where PRoM enter stage right, shakin’ all over in the wild blue yonder with a pedigree that includes support slots for the likes of Wilko Johnson, Eddie and The Hotrods, The Groundhogs, Dr Feelgood and The Pirates.

Do yourself a favour and catch a steamer with the lads down The Tame Delta, kicking the coffee table blues all the way back to the Mississippi. The singer’s gonna blow his gob iron so hard you’ll hear it in the Windy City, and those Telecasters sure do cut to the quick.

Let’s hear it for a DIFFERENT KIND OF BLUES – you know it makes sense – Peoples Republic of Mercia.