What is FUSE

What is Fuse? Fuse is YOUR event, a community get together of the most vibrant, diverse and fun kind! Live music, dance, magic, performance, story telling, amazing experiences, new friendships to make and best of all it is FREE to all throughout the three day weekend of action and excitement!

 Lichfield Arts staged the first Fuse Festival in Beacon Park back in 2001 with the aim of providing live music and other activities in a free setting that would be accessible to all.  More than twenty years on the event has grown into a much loved summer delight that always brings the community together.  It is now one of the largest free community events of its kind, typically attracting more than 12,000 happy visitors over the weekend.

Who runs Fuse?

Fuse is run by Lichfield Arts, an independent registered charity run mainly by volunteers. Lichfield Arts has half a century of experience to call upon with a rich, diverse history to be proud of. However we are a creative, sustainable organisation, always looking forward to a vibrant future of bringing the local community together in a shared passion for the arts.

Lichfield Arts is an exciting place to make new friends, discover new music and participate in engaging and rewarding activities, either as a volunteer or as a visitor to our events in an inclusive, friendly atmosphere. We offer opportunities for members of our community to make new discoveries, as well as creating long lasting memories of our unique events that celebrates and promotes the arts in such a vibrant and exciting way. 

We have a reputation for delivering well respected events with authentic, professional artists as well as providing a platform for up and coming performers with the best sound and lighting possible. We have events all year round that entertain and encourage, with workshops for everyone and friendly, helpful volunteers and staff.

Our events support the local economy by encouraging tourism, bringing large numbers of people to the city of Lichfield, many of which are making their first visit to the city specifically to enjoy our events.

We are very proud of our success with our community outreach projects which supports, nurtures and provides opportunities for local young people, as well as disadvantaged and under represented members of society. Our outreach projects have been created in partnership with local education providers to encourage young adults and children to benefit from engagement in the arts. As well as educational, these sessions are also vibrant and exciting and we work with communities from Burntwood, Cannock, Rugeley, Lichfield and Tamworth.  

We care about our events and feel passionately that everyone who participates in our offerings, whether as a performer, a team member, visitor or indeed a sponsor or funding partner, should benefit from our expertise and leave with a feeling that our events are worth while, promote our amazing city and our community. 

Throughout the year the Lichfield Arts team of volunteers continues to work hard, offering hundreds of unpaid hours to provide our community with an exciting, vibrant opportunity for everyone to access a wide range of live music and the arts.

Fuse customer contract

Fuse is a family orientated festival where enjoying the activities safely, respecting others, being considerate and all playing our part in bringing the community together are important parts of the Fuse experience. We value our visitors to Fuse and want everyone who attends, whether as an artist, volunteer or visitor to find the Fuse experience rewarding and enjoyable. To help with this we have put together a customer contract which sets out the behaviours we expect at Fuse. Please familiarize yourself with our customer contract here:

Customer Contract

Fuse is an event run by volunteers for the community and whilst entrance is free, a donation would be very welcome. Well behaved dogs on a lead are welcome on site and water will be provided.

We are working with Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire County Council and Lichfield District Council to encourage responsible behaviour and an attitude to alcohol consumption which contributes to everyone’s enjoyment and safety.

Alcohol can only be purchased and consumed within the Fuse fenced area.

We reserve the right to undertake random searches for dangerous objects, alcohol or illegal substances.

We reserve the right to refuse entry or eject you from the event if you:

Cause inconvenience, nuisance or offence to other people including staff. Appear drunk or under the influence of drugs. Are found to be in the possession of dangerous objects, alcohol, illegal substances, or illegal drugs. Remove, interfere with, or damage property. Climb on fences, barriers, equipment etc. Buy or consume alcohol and cannot prove you are at least 18.Buy alcohol for anyone under the age of 18.Bring alcohol on to the site. Take any alcohol off the site. Allow your dog to inconvenience others, or do not clean up after it. Smoke or vape in/at the entrances of any of the marquees, facilities or designated areas. Are found in possession of any liquids which are not in sealed containers. Bring in or obtain any glass objects or containers. Refuse to act as required by FUSE staff in the interest of your own or others safety or enjoyment.

We operate the ‘Challenge 25’ policy, so if you look younger than 25 please don’t be offended if:

We ask you for proof of your age when you buy alcohol or if you are in possession of alcohol. You appear to be in possession of alcohol and are subject to a search in accordance with the Drinking in Public Place Order (DPPO) covering Beacon Park, which allows alcohol to be confiscated from you.

If you intend to buy or consume alcohol, please bring proof of ID to show you are over 18 – PASS is the recognised national proof of ID.

Lost children will be taken to the Lichfield Arts Information Point.

Please ensure your children are made familiar with their surroundings so that, should they become separated from you, they will know where to go for help.

First Aid – Please familiarise yourself with the location of the on-site first aid point and its qualified staff.

Do not light fires, BBQs or Chinese lanterns anywhere in Beacon Park.

No drones.

Please be considerate to our neighbours – enter and leave the site quietly, particularly at night.

Leave no trace – take home all of your possessions, bin all of your rubbish and leave our beautiful park spotless.

Thank you and enjoy the festival!

The Lichfield Arts’ Fuse Team