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Born Again Beatles

Fuse sees the last ever gig of The Born Again Beatles in their current guise...

The Assist

'The Assist' are a 4 piece council pop/rock band from Walsall...

People’s Republic Of Mercia

What's happened to Rhythm ‘n’ Blues? It's been stripped down, souled out, polished clean and hung out to dry for the X Factor diva brigade.


Pollenating the airwaves since 2014 this 4 piece blast out a chaotic cacophony of funky fusion concepts, drawing influences from the worlds of reggae, ska, punk, psychedelia, hip-hop, funk, jazz and just about any other place they can find inspiration.

Marquis Drive

FRIDAY 7th July 2017 8.05pm (Times are approximate and may be subject to change) Marquis Drive Marquis Drive are the ultimate UK's no 1 Madchester/Britpop/Indie band. They replicate cult anthems from mainly the 90's such as Bittersweet (The Verve), Step on (Happy Mondays), Resurrection (the Stone Roses), Sit Down (James), [...]


Matuki are a 12 piece band who play west African music fused with urban funk. Their first live gigs were at Glastonbury Festival 2015, where they immediately won audiences over with sizzling horns, tuff bass-lines, interlocking guitars and soaring vocals.


HANKKS are an indie/punk band consisting of Ben James and Jacob Evitts forming a song writing and vocal partnership with brothers James and Harry Davison adding their own thing to the mix.

Barbarellas Bang Bang

Accordion toting five piece, Barbarella's Bang Bang is a cacophony of carnivalistic delights; a combination of European gypsy folk and theatrical pop musicality. With roots in Eastern and Roman Europe, Barbarella's Bang Bang provide a soundtrack of ecstasy to all occasions.

The Tuts

The Tuts have long been one of the best and brightest new bands in the UK, for what they do and what they represent...

Ed Geater

SATURDAY 8th July 2017 3.10pm (Times are approximate and may be subject to change) Ed Geater For Birmingham born singer-songwriter and beatboxer Ed Geater, rhythmical dexterity is complemented by lyrical prowess. Growing up on a staple musical diet of alternative rock, folk and electronica, equally matching his love of classical [...]